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But they also understand the power of making small gains over time; slow and steady brings abundance this year. When I was growing up, my mom would always remind me that normally communication will solve a lot of things, so just talk it out and see where it goes.

February New Moon in Aquarius

But so many times we hold back and that just creates a bunch of toxicity and so just letting that energy circulate in dialogue, especially this week. The following theme, affirmations and journal prompts are selected by our Inner Circle guide as the astrologically-supported spiritual quality you can focus on durng this lunar cycle. I have tuned the radio dial of my mind to the frequency of Divine Love and Wisdom.

This month is a time of deep internal change. We are being reconfigured from within, but this reconfiguring is not easy. Typically with the planetary configurations that are strong this month, there is a lot of resistance to making the changes that are needed. We are likely to see news stories about reactionary groups attacking more liberal groups.

Solar eclipse of August 2, 2065

There is a noticeable increase in tension but there is also a positive potential amidst the chaos and confusion. Key qualities to develop this month are being centered in love and peace, deep study and problem solving, transfiguration, being strong and steady in your attunement to divine love and peace even when in a stressful and tense environment.

We need to find the peace in the eye of the storm. What things have you defined yourself as not able to learn or do? Are you bad at public speaking? Bad at math? Lack of empathy? Bad at all sports?

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Bad at singing? Very often we ascribe things to a built-in competency rather than acknowledge that it is mostly psychological, a comfortable excuse for not trying, a comfortable way to maintain our identity or a lack of willpower! Do you really inherently lack aptitude for these things or is it a continuation of a limiting situation from your childhood? Experience transfiguration and do them!

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Rewrite the script. Reconfigure yourself. Retrieved 6 October Solar eclipses.

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