Pinch-and-zoom on your mobile device, and print high-resolution PDF documents to any scale. As long as you are using a modern web browser and have internet connectivity, you can experience the full suite of functionality available. Asset 1. The day FREE trial gives you full access to every feature.

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LUNA is the web generation of astrology software. What is Cloud Software? What Does it Cost? Note: you will need to follow the program's instructions carefully to get accurate results Click here to download it.

Configuration Hunter allows you to search for aspect patterns over time. To go to their website and get it, click here. While an internet search for icons for astrology reveals a large number of results, I found a set of bitmapped astrology icons that are outstanding. They were created by an anonymous Russian author and you can download them by clicking here. Note: If you don't know how to open and use the icon library The new Saptarishis Research Software includes a huge chart collection and great set of search features.

Learn about it and get it here. Get the latest version of Jr. The powerful Vedic program Jagannatha Hora 8.

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Download Jyotishya Deepika by clicking here. Maitreya's Dream is an excellent Vedic astrology program with Western astrological features too. Download the latest version by clicking here. Want a small quick calculator of Vedic charts? Get Junior Jyotish for Windows by clicking here.

Want a fast, free look at a Vedic Chart? Especially for Prashna? Get it here. LifeSign Mini is an unusual mix of Vedic features and advertisements and incentives to buy more. The interpretations vary from very poor to good, but the astrological details about the chart are extensive. A functional internet connect is potent enough to connect you with the stars and planets present in your natal chart.

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You can also use it to calculate Rashifal or check our exclusive section of New Year Services launched to cater to your every need. Free Astrology Software Online.

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Future Point Basic Consultancy. Arun Bansal Detailed Consultancy. Yashkaran Sharma Basic Consultancy. Detailed Consultancy. Abha Bansal Basic Consultancy. Future Point Premium Consultancy. Consultation Type. Enter Question. Total : 0. Ask a Question Submit.