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We do have different highlights astrologically which make us more susceptible to various energies from certain areas of the cosmos, thus making us respond more intensively to particular aspects. In astrology each sign of the zodiac rules a certain part of the body. Aries, for example, rules the head.

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We all have a head, whether the sun was transiting Aries at the time of our birth or not. In order to understand the function of the head and in order to understand vision, part of what Aries rules, we have to understand what it means in terms of Astrology and in terms of its esoteric aspects.

Taurus rules the throat, and we all have a throat. We, therefore, all have Taurus in our nature. We have it all, and we cannot be interested just in the Sun sign or Ascendant. This is one of the greatest of all delusions in Astrology. There is the Moon that is placed in a certain sign and has a certain relationship with the total personality. There is Mercury, which pertains to our intellectual faculties. The vibrations of Mars are in a certain sign and relate to our volitional and sex drives. Venus also is in aspect to other planets and in a particular sign.

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Venus relates to our emotional, love and desire nature. You must understand that you are a miniature Cosmos. You must learn to relate yourself to the vast energies that pour into you and around you all of the time. You must learn how to respond on the higher vibrational levels -- how to take in the new atoms that are related to your Kingship and growth in evolution; how to emanate out the atoms of the lower kingdom which are part of your problems.

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This is part of the very limitation that has kept you in bondage to date. T unreal TH 1 ill universe, is not unreal. This we must take, at least for the moment, on faith. Yet, examination of what we know scientifically will show us that there is more than faith involved in it becaa. Matter, remember, is the substance of God. This is what is called the involution of consciousness.

We are, of course, eternal living beings; but before we had adequate forms for expression our eternal livingness was not self-conscious. When a body dies it looks just the same as a body that is alive at first. But the living being, at death, separates itself from the external field of activity held together by the magnetic force of its own will, the will of consciousness, which ultimately is the One Will. When the soul, the cosmic being which we are, withdraws from the substance field of activity, you have a body that is called dead.

Nothing is dead at all. The consciousness is just not keeping it in that form any more. Ages ago, we entered into this state of substance together. Consciousness involves itself in the limitations of substance in order to learn how to manipulate this cosmic substance into specific forms with its own will and its own desire, 30 as to become ever greater creators and ever greater creations.


Like unto our Father. Our Father and I are one. This came when we reached the higher animal form of man. Nevertheless, the whole individualization intention was already there in God, and it is that drive in us which is God's will for us. This wc must understand.

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At one stage we shared with each other in what is called the group soul, the knowledge we gained in the growing of substance for the livingneas of ourselves. We shared with each other and thus gradually was formed what is called the instinctive mind. It was by the impact of some- the resistanceomething else - the force against the resistance - our livingness against from thfmsubstance. They know k tUrn tbelr leaves to the sun and how to manufacture the chlorophyll.

We breathe out the carbon dioxide tor them and breathe in their oxygen. You and I breathe back and forth with all crea- tion - we are not separated. We have gone through all of these complex forms. We have been the forerunners of the development of all of these miracles. Behind us have come other waves of life, and we have made it easier for them. Masters of Wisdom and those beyond them and beyond them have gone ahead making it easier for us.

Some people get very upset at the idea of having evolved from an animal.

We have not evolved from anything. We have the kind of consciousness that can be self aware - that can look out into the heavens and look into itself and say, "Who am I?


That divine unrest has entered our consciousness and the grace of God is really resting in us, because this is the beginning of the drive to know and to do something about it. So, we have now arrived at this organism we call Man. How does the embryo crow? We build our own form. We start as a single cell in the mother's womb that has been pierced by the father's life-giving sperm. Who grew that vehicle inside the mother's womb?

We did. Self-preservation has been necessary. This helped sharpen the intellect for evolution. It is an essential part of the growth process that shall finally attain to mastery You and I jumped with pain and fear when a twig snapped.


You and I ran wi U. A great deal of our problems come from the fact that we still react today to yesterday. Our goal is to become master of our responses to the astrological forces which are part of our karmic elements. Let us continue our perusal of the Solar system. You will recall from your ear lier studies that in Qabalah the Christ Consciousness is related to the sphere of activity of the Sun. Tiphareth is the Sephirah related to this activity.

It is taught that what we see out there is merely our way, through our limited senses of seeing a certain physical aspect of something that is other and more. If you want an analogy that will help, think of yourself for a moment. What we appear to be as physical beings is something far less than what we really are. Does our physical body show our consciousness? Does it show our thoughts? Can you weigh your love or your hate, your hopes or your despairs? Let's examine personality. It is an ever changing thing. When you were five years old you had one kind of personality. At twelve another; at twenty-one still another, etc.

Personality is a changing thing at all times.

click here In like manner, our responses to life are ever changing, too. In considering the Solar system, think of the sun as the outer representation of what is actually consciousness. Remember, consciousness is the creator.